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Operational Constraints

Cross-layer Control Loops

Cross-layer (and cross-over/underlay), cross-plane


Composable protocols, etc.

Virtualisation of Ressources

  • make usage of ressources (redundant and/or diverse) transparent for all hosts
  • (might be used for load balancing, too)
  • self-configuration of primary and backup service providers
  • mutual control of correct functionality
  • fast switch over in case of failure
  • no failure notification to non-service hosts neccessary
  • (synchronisation of service instances, if applicable)
  • applicable for name resolvers, inter-compartment forwarders, etc.

This is part of the redundancy and diversity principles

Late State Creation

  • never create local state for unknown/untrusted/unauthenticated communication peers
  • use stateless cookies for state encapsulation
  • define header fields for cookie transport
  • define interval length for key switching
  • applicable for key exchange protocols, connection oriented protocols, etc.

This is part of the self-protection principle

Programmable Intelligent Nodes

Programmable nodes with cognition:

  • reactive: context aware to react to environment (used for detection)
  • deliberative: planning and reasoning (used for remediation and recovery)
  • reflective: self-observation and future behaviour modification

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