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R. Gummadi and R. Govindan,
“Practical Routing-Layer Support for Scalable Multihoming”,
INFOCOM 2005. 24th Annual Joint Conference of the IEEE Computer and Communications Societies,
13-17 March 2005, Volume: 1, On page(s): 248- 259 vol. 1

Abstract: The recent trend of rapid increase in routing table sizes at routers comprising the Internet's core is posing a serious challenge to the current Internet's scalability, availability, and stability. Multihoming is a prime contributor to this table size explosion. This paper argues that it is possible to a) scale the Internet's routing table sub-linearly with degree of multihoming, and b) improve routing convergence times even under pervasive multihoming using simple and incrementally deployable extensions to today's routing protocols. We present an addressing and routing protocol called SIMPLER (scalable IP multihoming protocol leveraging routing), which is designed to minimize and contain the propagation in space and time of non-aggregatable routes.

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[Goldenberg-Qiu-Xie-Yang-Zhang-2004 (doi)]

D.K. Goldenberg and L. Qiu and H. Xie and Y.R. Yang and Y. Zhang,
“Optimizing Cost and Performance for Multihoming”,
Proceedings of the 2004 conference on Applications, technologies, architectures, and protocols for computer communications,
2004, Pages: 79 - 92, Portland, Oregon, USA

Abstract: Multihoming is often used by large enterprises and stub ISPs to connect to the Internet. In this paper, we design a series of novel smart routing algorithms to optimize cost and performance for multihomed users. We evaluate our algorithms through both analysis and extensive simulations based on realistic charging models, traffic demands, performance data, and network topologies. Our results suggest that these algorithms are very effective in minimizing cost and at the same time improving performance. We further examine the equilibrium performance of smart routing in a global setting and show that a smart routing user can improve its performance without adversely affecting other users.

Keywords: algorithms, multihoming, optimization, smart routing

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