Instructions on uploading local copies of papers

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Howto upload papers

In order to upload the internal copies of the papers, please follow these steps. In each case the path on the network filesystem is /projects/resilinets/website/internal/readings/.

  1. First of all, you will need an ITTC account to access project directories.
  2. Your ITTC account will need to be added to the resilinets group before you will be able to add papers to the internal folders.
  3. You either have to be at a computer in ITTC, or have an SSH account, or have a VPN from your personal computer to ITTC.

From within ITTC or on a VPN connection

  1. Have the projects share on devnull mounted.
  2. Save the pdf copy of the paper at the following location (directory) in the ITTC projects directory
  3. Make sure that the file is named correctly in this format

From outside ITTC using an SSH account

  • Under Windows on your local machine download WinSCP and connect to port 62 on with your ssh username and password
  • Under Linux on your local machine use the following SCP command:
scp -P 62 local.filename.pdf
  • Please email me ( if you encounter any problems.
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