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Glossaries and Dictionaries


ATIS Telecom Glossary 2000,
American National Standard for Telecommunications T1.523-2001,
ATIS/ANSI T1A1.2, 28 February 2001

Abstract: “This new Telecom Glossary 2000 is an outgrowth of the Federal Standard 1037 series, immediately following Federal Standard 1037C, Glossary of Telecommunication Terms, 1996, which was edited by the Institute for Telecommunication Sciences (ITS) in Boulder, Colorado, and reviewed by the National Communications System Member Organizations, by the FTSC members, and by representatives from other Federal agencies as well as by representatives from industry and from the general public.”

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Glossary of Telecommunication Terms,
Federal Standard 1037C,
National Communications System, Technology and Standards Division,
U.S. General Services Administration, Information and Technology Service, 7 August 1996

Abstract: “This document provides Federal departments and agencies a comprehensive source of definitions of terms used in telecommunications and directly related fields by international and U.S. Government telecommunications specialists.”

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