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Mirkovic-Reiher-2004 (doi)

Jelena Mirkovic, Peter Reiher,
“A taxonomy of DDoS attack and DDoS defense mechanisms”,
SIGCOMM Comput. Commun. Rev., vol. 34, #2, p. 39-53; 2004

Abstract: “Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) is a rapidly growing problem. The multitude and variety of both the attacks and the defense approaches is overwhelming. This paper presents two taxonomies for classifying attacks and defenses, and thus provides researchers with a better understanding of the problem and the current solution space. The attack classification criteria was selected to highlight commonalities and important features of attack strategies, that define challenges and dictate the design of countermeasures. The defense taxonomy classifies the body of existing DDoS defenses based on their design decisions; it then shows how these decisions dictate the advantages and deficiencies of proposed solutions.”

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