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  author = {Amund Kvalbein and Audun Fosselie Hansen and Tarik Cicic and Stein Gjessing and Olav Lysne},
  title = {Multiple Routing Configurations for Fast {IP} Network Recovery},
  year = {2008},
  abstract = {  As the Internet takes an increasingly central role in our communications infrastructure, the slow convergence of routing protocols after a network failure becomes a growing problem. To assure fast recovery from link and node failures in IP networks, we present a new recovery scheme called Multiple Routing Configurations (MRC). Our proposed scheme guarantees recovery in all single failure scenarios, using a single mechanism to handle both link and node failures, and without knowing the root cause of the failure. MRC is strictly connectionless, and assumes only destination based hop-by-hop forwarding. MRC is based on keeping additional routing information in the routers, and allows packet forwarding to continue on an alternative output link immediately after the detection of a failure.  It can be implemented with only minor changes to existing solutions.  In this paper we present MRC, and analyze its performance with respect to scalability, backup path lengths, and load distribution after a failure. We also show how an estimate of the traffic demands in the network can be used to improve the distribution of the recovered traffic, and thus reduce the chances of congestion when MRC is used.},
  journal = {IEEE Transactions on Networking}
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