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 Annote = {The highly successful architecture and protocols of today’s Internet may operate poorly in environments characterized by very long delay paths and frequent network partitions. These problems are exacerbated by end nodes with limited power or memory resources. Often deployed in mobile and extreme environments lacking continuous connectivity, many such networks have their own specialized protocols, and do not utilize IP. To achieve interoperability between them, we propose a network architecture and application interface structured around optionally-reliable asynchronous message forwarding, with limited expectations of end-to-end connectivity and node resources. The architecture operates as an overlay above the transport layers of the networks it interconnects, and provides key services such as in-network data storage and retransmission, interoperable naming, authenticated forwarding and a coarse-grained class of service. },
 Author = {Kevin Fall},
 Booktitle = {Proc. SIGCOMM},
 Keywords = {DTN; Internet},
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 Sponsors = {Intel Research, Berkeley},
 Title = {A Delay-Tolerant Network Architecture for Challenged Internets},
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