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IP networks

[Partridge-Mendez-Milliken 1993]

Craig Partridge, Trevor Mendez, and Walter Milliken,
Host Anycasting Service,
RFC 1546 (Informational), Internet Engineering Task Force, November 1993

ResiliNets Keywords: Routing, Load-Balancing

Abstract: "This RFC describes an internet anycasting service for IP. The primary purpose of this memo is to establish the semantics of an anycasting service within an IP internet. Insofar as is possible, this memo tries to be agnostic about how the service is actually provided by the internetwork. This memo describes an experimental service and does not propose a protocol. This memo is produced by the Internet Research Task Force (IRTF)."

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[Katabi-Wroclawski 2001] .

Dina Katabi and John Wroclawski,
"A Framework for Scalable Global IP-Anycast (GIA)",
Proceedings of the conference on Applications, Technologies, Architectures, and Protocols for Computer Communication, Stockholm, Sweden, pp. 3 - 15, 2000

ResiliNets Keywords: Anycast

Keywords: Network Architecture, Anycast

Abstract: This paper proposes GIA, a scalable architecture for global IP-anycast. Existing designs for providing IP-anycast must either globally distribute routes to individual anycast groups, or confine each anycast group to a pre-configured topological region. The first approach does not scale because of excessive growth in the routing tables, whereas the second one severely limits the utility of the service. Our design scales by dividing inter-domain anycast routing into two components. The first component builds inexpensive default anycast routes that consume no bandwidth or storage space. The second component, controlled by the edge domains, generates enhanced anycast routes that are customized according to the beneficiary domain's interests. We evaluate the performance of our design using simulation, and prove its practicality by implementing it in the Multi-threaded Routing Toolkit.

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Ballani 2005

Hitesh Ballani, Paul Francis
"Towards a Global IP Anycast Service",
Proceedings of the 2005 conference on Applications, technologies, architectures, and protocols for computer communications, 2005, pp. 301-312

ResiliNets Keywords: Robustness, Fast Failover

Keywords: Anycast, Proxy, Overlay, Routing, Architecture

Abstract: "IP anycast, with its innate ability to find nearby resources in a robust and efficient fashion, has long been considered an important means of service discovery. The growth of P2P applications presents appealing new uses for IP anycast. Unfortunately, IP anycast suffers from serious problems: it is very hard to deploy globally, it scales poorly by the number of anycast groups, and it lacks important features like load-balancing. As a result, its use is limited to a few critical infrastructure services such as DNS root servers. The primary contribution of this paper is a new IP anycast architecture, PIAS, that overcomes these problems while largely maintaining the strengths of IP anycast. PIAS makes use of a proxy overlay that advertises IP anycast addresses on behalf of group members and tunnels anycast packets to those members. The paper presents a detailed design of PIAS and evaluates its scalability and efficiency through simulation. We also present preliminary measurement results on anycasted DNS root servers that suggest that IP anycast provides good affinity. Finally, we describe how PIAS supports two important P2P and overlay applications."

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Ad Hoc and MANETs

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